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LuckyTeeth is on the move, offering Dental Care at your home

With the current COVID19 risk, it is mandatory for us to practice social distancing, practice good health, and boost our immunity. Staying at home most of the time could result in us paying less attention to our children’s health.

During this COVID19 pandemic, LuckyTeeth, a pediatric dentistry service, is striving to help families following social distancing. They have introduced their teledentistry and mobile dentistry services to allow patients to receive oral check-ups right from their smart devices and directly from their homes.

Its mission is to offer the highest quality and most compassionate dental services to their patients. They aim to achieve this by continually updating themselves in the field and providing dental care in a caring and gentle way.

The organization is going mobile, traveling across Frisco TX and Little Elm TX, offering services to patients at their homes. LuckyTeeth is making attempts to the best extent to save families from the risk of contracting COVID19.

What is Mobile Dentistry?

Mobile Dentistry is visiting the homes of the patients and providing dentistry services directly at their homes. LuckyTeeth provides reliable and compassionate care for children at their homes. They offer all general dentistry services, from cleaning to tooth extraction. They use state-of-the-art mobile equipment to provide high-quality care for children in the comfort of their homes.

They have personal, first-hand experience with children in giving them proper dental care. Dental care is mandatory for a good quality of life. Many kids cannot leave their houses in this Coronavirus pandemic, even for routine dental check-ups. As a result, they face problems in their oral health.

This is why LuckyTeeth has introduced its mobile dentistry services for children. Undoubtedly, your children have also missed many check-ups with your family, Kids Dentist. We need to be careful about helping our children take care of their teeth and ensure they follow the doctor’s advice to prevent cavities.

Mobile Dentistry Service of LuckyTeeth

The faculty of LuckyTeeth has recognized the level of threat that a crowded waiting room constitutes. So, they will be rolling out a wide variety of even more COVID-safe service offerings.

LuckyTeeth considers it its responsibility to prevent Coronavirus's spread in whatever way it can and protect healthcare providers and patients. That is why it has introduced its mobile dentistry services, through which they conduct dental check-ups in the kids’ homes.

They encourage people to utilize their Mobile Dentistry services at any time for their kids.

How can you avail of the service?

If you have any concerns about your child’s dental health, you can email them to or call them on (972) 987-4930 or drop a voice message. Their doctor will then visit your home with a team as soon as possible and discuss the issue with you.

After that, the doctor will determine the urgency of your child’s need and decide the next step you should take. LuckyTeeth offers excellent dental care for kids during scheduled visits, and they also give the same expected top-quality results through the mobile dentistry mode.

Millions of Americans are practicing social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and families are forced to put off their regularly scheduled dental visits.

They do not have to worry anymore, thanks to the Mobile Dentistry service of LuckyTeeth.This is a great alternative to prevent people from the risk that accompanies local dental visits, with services in the comfort of their homes.

Maintaining a healthy mouth should also be one of the main priorities children and parents should keep in mind with regard to personal hygiene. LuckyTeeth also gives useful advice during the planned Mobile Dentistry check-ups.

It is a big recommendation to make use of their latest top-tier Mobile Dentist services.

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