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LuckyTeeth Dentistry is protecting kids against cavities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

TeleDentistry LuckyTeeth Pediatric Dentistry
LuckyTeeth Pediatric Dentistry | TeleDentistry Exam

With the current Covid-19 pandemic situation at risk, it is high time for us to practice social distancing, boost our immune system, and practice proper hygiene. Quarantine makes things difficult for us to visit our local dentist, especially for our kids. Further, staying most of the time at home could cause us to pay less attention to our kids’ hygiene since we mostly stay inside our homes most of the time in which we need to be stricter on the matter. But how? Can’t we even visit or schedule appointments with the local clinic with the situation at hand? The new normal paves its way to the rise of alternatives that solves your problems.

Lucky Teeth, a Pediatric Dentistry located at Little Elm, TX, now has services of teledentistry as a way to take care of your children’s dental hygiene without the fear of visiting the dentist during the crisis. They offer excellent dental care for your kids during your scheduled visits, and they could also give the same expected high-quality results through the virtual space.

Lucky Teeth, a kid’s dentist, has launched one of its advanced services, which is conducting virtual dentist exams. The pediatric dentistry came up with a digital approach towards child dental health amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of Americans are practicing social distancing across the country, and families force themselves to put off regularly scheduled visits to the doctor. Worry no more because Lucky Teeth has come up with an alternative to prevent families from the risk of doing local dental visits with their teledentistry services in the comfort of your own home.

Teledentistry is the use of technological health systems and methodologies in dentistry. Services such as a virtual dental exam are also applicable in this form of high-tech system and use a variety of technology to deliver virtual, medical, health, and education services. It helps enhance care and education delivery, especially during a time we are to stay in quarantine and limited from going in and out of our homes to gather resources from the outside.

The pandemic is not going to pass soon; surely, your child has missed a lot of check-ups with their kid’s dentist. Parents should also note on helping their kids in taking care of their teeth, making sure that they follow their dentist’s advice to prevent the increase of cavities while they could not meet with their pediatric dentistry. Keeping a healthy mouth during quarantine should also be one of the priorities parents and children should keep in mind in taking care of personal hygiene. Lucky Teeth could also give out advice during their scheduled virtual check-ups with them, with a conservative approach and focus on preventive care; it is quite a big recommendation to try on their top-tier latest teledentistry services.

When was the last time you’ve scheduled your child to see their dentist? Schedule a virtual dental exam with Lucky Teeth today and get started on the new normal advancements for more details.

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