LUCKY TEETH is endorsing TELE-DENTISTRY to support social distancing, limit the spread of CORONAVIRUS and protect patients and healthcare providers. At the same time, we need to stay connected with our families and it is our commitment to prevent the progression of dental disease that can lead to a further burden on our hospitals.

TELE-DENTISTRY will be effective March 23rd and will continue to May 22nd. We will KEEP evaluating based on new changes and it may extend beyond the date above. You can utilize TELE-DENTISTRY at any time, but we encourage you to try between 10am-2pm.

If have any concern about your child’s dental health, please call us on (972) 987-4930 and leave a voice message. All voice messages will be directed to our email. Or email us to Messages should include name, phone number and a brief description of what your child is experiencing with a picture of the affected area if possible. Our doctor will reach to you ASAP by calling you to discuss the issue and then will determine the urgency of the situation and decide what the next step is.

For all our patients that were scheduled for routine dental care, our office will stop doing elective dental care until at least the end of April. Our doctor will call you to check on your family and address your needs. All March and April appointments will be rescheduled to a later day, we will follow up with you accordingly to reschedule these appointments. Again, for any urgent need please utilize TELE-DENTISTRY. As for May appointments, we will inform you if there is a change.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office for any questions or concerns. Keeping our community safe from COVID-19 is the absolute right thing to do and we want to ensure you that once this passes, we will resume serving our families the way we use to do and BETTER!