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DR SugarBugs


DR SUGARBUGS is a movie character that was invented by DR Z to help little kids learning with fun about good oral habits like brushing their teeth and flossing every day.


DR SUGARBUGS represents an old dentist who used to be a great pediatric dentist but nowadays can't remember a lot of things, because of that he can't work anymore. There is a mystery behind his story. DR SUGARBUGS spends most of his time either at LUCKY TEETH PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY with DR Z or watching FC Dallas soccer games with DR Z boys. DR SUGARBUGS is kind of a Trouble Maker and he uses sometimes the fact that he can't remember things as an excuse for his funny acts.

Recently, some smart kids found by chance that asking DR SUGARBUGS questions is helping him remembering back a lot of the things which were forgotten before. The plan worked out but there was an unexpected glitch. 

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